Zinc flake

Mechanism description and characteristics
Application on coating fields: In terms of electrochemistry, zinc has a lower negative potential than iron basis and in a dielectric it is converted to a solution so that the iron basis is protected.  This is especially true if the coating is damaged and the metal basis is exposed; Sealing and leakproofness : due to the corrosion reaction product of zinc powder (mainly as basic zinc carbonate, 2ZnCO3,3Zn(OH)2) deposited between the zinc powder particles, and filled into the gap between the pigments, and it is not conductive, thus sealing the coating; Shielding effect: due to the flake zinc powder is arranged parallel to the surface of the coating film in the coating, and overlapping and interlacing each other, greatly increasing the distance of water and the corrosive medium for penetrating the coating to increase the corrosion resistance of the coating.


Physical properties: the appearance is silver gray, flake powder with good metallic luster.


Comparing with spherical zinc powder, flake zinc powder has stronger covering power, floatability, shielding ability and metallic luster, so that in the anticorrosive paint prepared with flake zinc powder, the zinc powder is arranged in a sheet shape, and the parallel connection among the sheet is achieved, the contact pattern is surface contact, resulting in a dense coating and a long corrosion route, which not only greatly reduces the zinc consumption and coating thickness per unit area, but also greatly improves the shielding performance and corrosion resistance of the coating.  For example, when zinc-rich primer is prepared with flake zinc powder, the amount of zinc powder is only one third of that of ordinary zinc-rich primer, and the corrosion resistance is comparable or better than that of spherical zinc powder rich zinc coating and resulting a sharp reduction in cost of zinc-rich coatings; the salt spray corrosion resistance of Dacromet coatings with flake zinc powder as the main raw material is significantly better than that of electroplating zinc and hot-dip galvanizing, and the pollution is reduced and meets environmental protection requirements.  When used for a metal flash finish paint, the flake zinc powder with sheet structure is direction arranged in the coating film to achieve a good metal glittering effect.


Manufacturing method: this product is manufactured by wet physics and dry physics methods, which are domestic advanced methods.


Product Usage:

This material is mainly used for the preparation of Dacromet coatings, zinc-rich coatings and metal flash finish paint. It has been widely used in the industries fields, such as cars, home appliances, ships, bridges, construction, transportation, aviation, military, electric power, metallurgy and chemical industry. Dacromet masking liquid, Dacromet processing, Dacromet coating, water-based metallic paint, anticorrosive paint, antirust coating, diao metal (a Chinese brand of paint), Dacromet coating technology as well as the development and production of zinc flipping yellow masking liquid, and extensive applied to organic and water-based coatings


Product quality:

The particle size of the flake zinc powder produced by the company is customizable, and the upper and lower limit of errors for the average particle size are controlled as ± 2μm, the other quality indicators are shown as follows:

Product name

Mass fraction %


Metallic Zinc

Content of impurity, no more than

Grease, no more than

Apparent density(g/cm3)

Residue on sieve

Coating surface on water




Content of materials(partical size more than 45μm)


Flake zinc powder










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