Talking about the steps and methods of installation and debugging of numerical control equipment
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First, the installation of CNC equipment

Before installation, the numerical control equipment should be planned in advance according to the plant area. Try to ensure that the installation is in place once and avoid the second relocation of the machine tool. This will reduce the machine's own structural performance and machining accuracy standards. So choose the ideal location for installation.

1, equipment spacing

The right and left position of the CNC equipment should be kept at a suitable distance before and after installation. It should ensure that the left and right transportation channels are unblocked, and it is convenient to process the transportation of raw materials, blanks and finished products. At the same time, it should also consider the disassembly and assembly space of parts during loading and unloading and maintenance; The premise of not affecting each other, leaving the operator with enough work space. If the equipment is close to the wall, it should also be considered from the requirements of maintenance, ventilation, lighting, etc., leaving a reasonable space, and reserve the position of anchor bolts, cast iron platforms and embedded parts.

2. Source and interference factors

If the factory is equipped with similar stamping and forging equipment, these equipment will generate noise and vibration during the manufacturing process and become a source of vibration. If the numerical control equipment is close to these equipments that manufacture the source, it will lead to its own instability, thus reducing the machining accuracy. Therefore, if necessary, it is necessary to dig out the shockproof groove for the numerical control equipment to reduce the impact of vibration on the machine tool. At the same time, it is also required. The CNC lathe is far away from the electromagnetic field interference, away from the electric welding machine, away from the electric cutting machine tools such as wire cutting machine tools and EDM machines, to ensure the normal reception and transmission of the pulse signals of the numerical control equipment.

3, temperature and humidity

CNC lathes generally require the use of ambient temperature to ensure the working accuracy of the machine, generally requiring a constant temperature of about 20 °C. A large number of practices have proved that during the high temperature period in summer, the failure rate of the numerical control system is greatly increased, which is easy to cause collision accidents. Therefore, when necessary, a dust-free and constant temperature workshop can be prepared for high-precision and high-precision numerical control equipment. In addition, the environment such as humidity will reduce the reliability of the operation of the CNC lathe. Therefore, dehumidification measures should be taken for the environment of the CNC lathe to avoid short circuit of the circuit, causing misoperation of the CNC system and collision.

Second, unpacking acceptance

The unpacking acceptance is to ensure the normal use of the demander. Therefore, the supplier and the purchaser should check the contents of the box according to the supply list and the contract, and make a record. Including the appearance of the equipment, whether the technical data is complete, whether the number of accessories, spare parts, tools, etc. correspond to the specifications.

Third, the installation of the equipment is in place

1. Machine tool lifting

The machine tool belongs to heavy equipment and should be lifted according to the special lifting tool provided by the supplier. If special tools are not required, they should be lifted at the specified position with wire ropes in accordance with the instructions.

2, machine tool installation

After placing the machine on the prepared cast iron plate foundation by adjusting the horn and anchor bolts, the fastening parts used in transportation of the parts should be removed, the rust preventive oil of each part should be removed, and then the parts can be assembled and connected. CNC systems, cables, tubing and gas pipes. Small and medium-sized CNC equipment is generally installed in the whole machine, which can eliminate the assembly work of various components.

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