The current 3D printing industry and development prospects have greatly improved and developed in th
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The following two points illustrate 3D printing technology:

First, 3D digital modeling software, 3D digital modeling software is the basis of 3D printing. Whether it is direct modeling or reverse scanning, 3D digital modeling software is needed. Foreign countries such as CATIA, UG, CREO, domestic Such as Zhongwang 3D, etc., the level of development of 3D digital modeling software, the level of use, and the direct manufacturing process of a country's industrial design innovation capabilities;

Second, 3D printer hardware, 3D printers include many types, such as selective laser sintering (SLS), direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), fused deposition modeling (FDM), stereolithography (DLA), fuse manufacturing (FFF ), melt compression molding (MEM), layered solid manufacturing (LOM), electron beam melting (EBM), selective sintering (SHS), powder layer nozzle three-dimensional printing (PP) and other modes, now the international mainstream equipment such as the United States 3DSYSTEM, Stratasys, Germany's EOS, etc., domestically produced including Shaanxi Hengtong, Hubei Binhu Electromechanical, Guangzhou Institute of Chinese Electronics, Nanjing Zijin Lide, Beijing Taier Times, etc., 3D printer hardware 3D digital modeling software established by 3D Models, imported into 3D printers through STL and other formats, there are many types of additive materials that can be layered and printed. From the broad categories, they can be divided into non-metallic non-biological materials, metal materials and biomaterials. One category contains many types of materials. The SLS processing model is an example. Currently, it supports wax powder, polystyrene, engineering plastics (ABS), Carbonate (PC), nylon, metal powder, ceramic powder coating, coated sand, nano-materials, and other materials;

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