What should I do if the rural residential gate does not measure the size?
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The rural residential gates are now available in a variety of styles. The choice of consumers is very large. Since the gates are of non-standard size, they will encounter the problem of gate measurement when purchasing, so for customers who will not measure the size of rural residential gates. This is a big problem. Today, we will share the door measurement method. Customers who want to encounter such problems can solve this problem.

First of all, we must determine the distance between the stone pillars. When measuring the size between the holes, we must measure the upper, middle and lower parts of the stone pillars, then draw the logo, and then measure the stone pillars off the ground. The distance is to measure the width of the stone pillars, and then the stone pillars are measured along the above position, so that many phenomena can be avoided in the design of rural residential gates.

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