“One Belt and One Road”: China Railway Engineering Machinery Attacks Again



The first batch of 4 large-scale railway maintenance machinery was sent to Malaysia after the acceptance of the representative of Malaysia by Hubei Golden Eagle Heavy Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as Golden Eagle Heavy Industry), which will be used for the reconstruction of the east coast railway line of the country. This is the first time that the railway engineering machinery design and manufacturing enterprise affiliated to the China Railway Corporation has exported large-scale road maintenance machinery to Southeast Asia.

Following China's high-speed rail technology and equipment exports to many countries, China's railway engineering machinery has also begun to export to Southeast Asia, opening the curtain to the world. The countries along the “one road and one belt” have different levels of economic development and different levels of railway construction. However, they hope that through the “one road, one belt” link and through the interweaving of economic belts, they all want to make new progress in economic and social development and realize the national strength. The willingness and goal of the people are the same. In itself, “One Road, One Belt” is a grand project of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Then, the industrial manufacturing strength we have accumulated over the years, the manufacturing capacity and level we possess, just meet the needs of railway development and construction in the countries concerned. The development of the economy is inseparable from the flow of people and things, the flow can not be separated from the transport carrier, and the relevant maintenance equipment cannot be separated. Then China's railway engineering machinery is really worthy of the 'family'.

The author also learned that in the past three years, from the perspective of energy construction, the central enterprises have built more than 60 energy projects and oil and gas cooperation projects in more than 20 countries along the “Belt and Road”, which has driven local resource development and energy construction. Then energy and oil and gas are very dependent on railway transportation. As the main body of transportation, the railway construction is bound to usher in good development, so the next railway maintenance and maintenance is a matter of course.

In remote Africa, our railway project has already blossomed. The Chinese-built Benguela Railway has a total length of 1,344 kilometers and a design speed of 90 kilometers per hour. The total investment of the project is about 1.83 billion US dollars. It is the longest and fastest speed ever built in Angola. The fast and largest modern railway project has an annual freight volume of 24,000 tons. The equipment and technology used in this railway are all from China. This case shows that whether it is high-speed rail or general iron, China's railway technology and equipment are of high quality and have brand effect.

It is not difficult to imagine that the “Belt and Road” construction across Asia-Pacific and Europe's economic circles will tighten the bond between Asia and Europe. Many countries along the way believe that the “Belt and Road” plan is a major opportunity for local revitalization and development. Only by catching up with China Express can we better share dividends. Then, we have reason to believe that China's railway equipment manufacturing industry will also usher in a more prosperous development period.

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