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Obviously, unmanned agricultural machinery has an incomparable advantage. Unmanned agricultural machinery can be used in areas such as land ploughing, hoeing, rotary tilling, ridge, sowing, spraying, and harvesting. The research and development and promotion of unmanned agricultural machinery technology will inevitably bring about earth-shaking changes for farmers' life, agricultural machinery industry and agricultural development. Today, the lack of agricultural labor and the increasing requirements for the efficiency of agricultural machinery, unmanned agricultural machinery undoubtedly has good superiority and huge market potential.

At present, the domestic agricultural machinery industry has already entered the field of unmanned driving and has made progress. However, industry experts bluntly say that there is still a long process of research and development and large-area application of unmanned agricultural machinery technology, which requires a lot of effort to carry out research and promotion. In this regard, Wang Guimin analyzed: 'The research and development of core technology is the key to the development of unmanned agricultural machinery. Compared with well-known foreign brands such as Deere and Case, the pace of domestic enterprises is relatively backward, which requires relevant research and development institutions and production enterprises. Strengthen cooperation and joint research.'

Based on this, Lovol Heavy Industries is holding hands with Baidu, giving full play to their respective advantages and building a collaborative innovation platform to jointly develop unmanned agricultural machinery.

According to industry experts, car networking equipment, related software services, and hydraulic steering systems are the key to unmanned agricultural machinery. Through the analysis of Baidu and Lovol Heavy Industries, both sides have basic advantages in unmanned driving, and they have certain complementarities.

The signing of the contract will fully share their respective superior resources, and cooperate in the software platform, hardware platform, sensing capability, core services, and big data analysis and marketing innovation of autonomous driving technology to achieve a high degree of integration of informationization and industrialization. . With the goal of automatic driving mass production, both parties invest their resources to solve technical problems in the field of automatic driving, such as sensor industry front-loading and system stability under extreme conditions.

Relevant data show that the contribution of Lovol products to China's wheat harvest, rice harvest, and corn harvest is 60%, 30%, and 30%, respectively, and the comprehensive contribution of farming and harvesting is over 40%. It can be said that the innovation and release of Lovol Heavy Industries in the field of agricultural equipment products directly affects the domestic agricultural production methods.

Li Zhenyu, Baidu’s vice president and general manager of the Intelligent Driving Business Group, said: “The Apollo open platform has always been open, capable of sharing resources, empowering many developers and partners, constantly exploring new scenarios of autonomous driving, accelerating partners and The industrial upgrade after the combination of artificial intelligence. The cooperation between Baidu and Lovol Heavy Industries allowed us to see the recognition and confidence of the partners on the Apollo open platform, which provided more possibilities for the autonomous driving technology, and it will also inject into agriculture. Intelligent genes that reduce the burden on agricultural workers.'

Lovol Heavy Industries is holding hands with Baidu. This 1+1>2 combination will bring huge industrial integration energy. With the development and application of unmanned technology, in the near future, farmers’ friends may drink tea in Tiantou and chat with the state affairs. Just press the remote control on the hand and the unmanned agricultural equipment can easily The plow is good, the seed is finished, the medicine is sprinkled, and the crop is taken back home.

Deeply cultivated in the field of intelligence

In the 'Made in China 2025' strategy, 'smart agricultural machinery and equipment' is one of the top ten high-end areas to be broken. Both the country and Shandong Province have developed development planning and support policies for smart agricultural machinery and equipment, and intelligent agricultural machinery has very good development potential.

As an industry leader, Lovol Heavy Industries has long been planning ahead in the field of intelligent agricultural machinery, and has made an early layout and captured the initial victory.

Not long ago, the field demonstration of the automatic navigation driving system in the Aksu region of Xinjiang has special significance for the Revo heavy tools. From 2012, the Revo unmanned tractor completed the first field test in Shihezi, Xinjiang, and now it has broken into a butterfly. This marks that the “Agricultural Machinery Navigation and Automated Operation” system of the Revo unmanned tractor officially declares commercial use to the market. It has realized the transformation of scientific research results into practical applications.

Luo Xiwen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said at the event: 'Informatization is becoming a new kinetic energy to promote agricultural machinery. At present, this set of agricultural navigation and automatic operation systems has been applied in batches after years of market validation. The automatic navigation accuracy is 5 cm, close to the international The advanced level, the price is at least 1/3 cheaper than foreign countries, effectively reverses the long-term dependence of China's high-end intelligent agricultural equipment on imports.'

Industry experts said that with the arrival of the intelligent wave of agricultural machinery, the development of high-end agricultural machinery industry has entered a stage of substantial breakthrough. Leiwo is a leading enterprise in agricultural equipment in China, exploring the intelligent, green, high-end and comfortable aspects of agricultural machinery and equipment. A lot of scientific research results have been made, representing the frontier level of China's agricultural machinery and equipment.

Multi-party cooperation promotes the development of smart agriculture

In this information age, the importance of data resources is self-evident. Exploring the use of next-generation information technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to provide intelligent total solutions for modern agriculture. Lovol Heavy Industries is accelerating the transition from traditional product manufacturers to modern service providers.

In 2016, Lovol Heavy Industries launched the first intelligent agriculture solution in the domestic agricultural machinery industry at the National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in the fall – the iFarming solution. This program was jointly developed by Lovol Heavy Industries in conjunction with the Italian University of Bologna, China Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University, IBM, e Tian Technology and other “three countries and six parties”, from tillage, planting, planting, plant protection, harvesting to grain drying storage. Integrate information technology with agricultural production, relying on the Internet, Internet of Things and big data to achieve integration and interconnection.

In October 2017, Lovol Heavy Industries signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Topcon to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges between the two sides in the field of smart agriculture, jointly promote the development of precision agriculture and intelligent agriculture in China, and promote the development of China's agricultural modernization.

Enterprises, universities, the Internet, domestic and foreign, this multi-dimensional strong alliance is the first time in China's agricultural machinery industry. Lovol Heavy Industries has taken substantial steps toward the “Smart Agriculture Total Solution” service provider. In October 2017, the construction of the Revo Apos Smart Agriculture 2025 Strategy and 100 Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives was officially launched. The first batch of 100 agricultural machinery cooperatives began to promote the use of iFarming, which means that the agricultural machinery professional cooperation organization has taken a substantial step in the informationization and intelligent construction. Relying on professional agricultural machinery cooperatives, iFarming has obtained the most realistic and relevant application results from “land field” in six major systems, such as grain production monitoring, farm fleet management, job scheduling, intelligent service, job quality monitoring and automatic driving.

Committed to boosting the development of “smart agriculture”, in the three summer and three autumn operations in 2017, Lovol Heavy Industries launched “Car Networking” and Zhilian Cloud Services, and built a “Harvester Index” big data analysis in agricultural production. Staged 'smart summer harvest' and 'smart autumn harvest', leading Chinese agriculture into the 'Internet +' era.

'The wisdom of agricultural machinery will be an important part of AI's new kinetic energy to drive agricultural development, and it will become an important step for the comprehensive transformation of traditional agriculture into smart agriculture in China. In the future, we will continue to combine resources of other parties and explore in depth to use big data and clouds. New generation Internet information technologies such as computing and artificial intelligence will intensify innovation to develop new products that are smarter, more efficient and greener, and continue to provide intelligent overall solutions for modern agriculture,” said Wang Guimin, chairman and general manager of Lovol Heavy Industries.

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